Get blueprints to build your own bin or monitor mine

About the Smart Wormbin

The smartWormbin combines open hardware as well as open software. The construction plan of the box can be found below, also a schematic for the Arduino construction as well as the corresponding code can be found on this page.
All data I collected so far can be downloaded as a .csv file. I would be very happy about visualization/evaluation of my data.

Use my materials and build your own smartWormbin!

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Data Visualization

Download the .json or .csv file and get creative


Get all the materials and tools together and start building your own wormbin


2 x Wood panel, cm x cm, x 1.5 cm

2 x Wood panel, cm x cm x 1.5 cm

2 x Wood panel, cm x cm x 2 cm

16 x Wooden strip (ca 15 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm)

1 x Aviary mesh

2 x Furniture hinge

Min 80 x Wood screw

500 x Compostworm



(Electric) Screwdriver


(Optional) Angle grinder






Arduino UNO

DHT11 / DHT22 Sensor

iHaospace Soil Moisture Sensor

HC-05 Bluetooth module

Wires, Resistors, Power supply




Arduino Schematic

Arduino Code

            IoT SmartWormbin
            HBKsaar OMTWGR
            Read humidity and temperature of DHT11 sensor
            Read soil moisture of iHaospace
            Send values over serial port
            @author Simon Engel
            @version 0
          #include "DHT.h"          //load DHT library
          #define DHTPIN 2          //DHT sensor on pin 2
          #define DHTTYPE DHT11     //DHT11 as DHTTYPE
          DHT dht(DHTPIN, DHTTYPE); //call sensor by 'dht'
          SoftwareSerial Bluetooth(10, 11); //instantiate Serial
          float oldHumidity = 0;
          float oldTemperature = 0;
          float oldSoilMoisture = 0;
          void setup() {
           dht.begin();            //start DHT11 sensor
          void loop() { 
            float humidity = dht.readHumidity(); 
            float temperature = dht.readTemperature();
            float soilMoisture = analogRead(A0);
            if(oldTemperature - temperature < - 1 || oldTemperature - temperature > 1 ||
               oldHumidity - humidity < - 3 || oldHumidity - humidity > 3 ||
               oldSoilMoisture - soilMoisture < -30 || oldSoilMoisture - soilMoisture > 30 
            Bluetooth.println(humidity);//send values over serial port
            oldHumidity = humidity;
            oldTemperature = temperature; 
            oldSoilMoisture = soilMoisture;

Python serial port reader

   IoT SmartWormbin
   Listen to serial port rfcomm0 and write data to csv file
   @author Simon Engel
   @version 0
import serial, time, csv        #import necessary modules
ser = serial.Serial('dev/rfcomm0')     #Bluetooth binded to rfcomm0 (may vary)
while True:
    humidity = ser.readline()   #read humidity, temperature and moisture
    temperature = ser.readline()
    moisture = ser.readline()
    #decode ASCII value, cast to string, remove whitespace using strip
    humidity = str(humidity.decode('ASCII')).strip()
    temperature = str(temperature.decode('ASCII')).strip()
    moisture =str(moisture.decode('ASCII')).strip()
    print(humidity)             #printing values for terminal use
    #create timestamp
    localtime = time.asctime(time.localtime(time.time())) 
    #create smartWormbin.csv and append data
    with open("smartWormbin.csv", "a", newline='') as f:
      writer = csv.writer(f, delimiter=",")
      writer.writerow([localtime, humidity,temperature,moisture])
    print("Keyboard Interrupt")


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